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About our company

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AMV Metall was born when a group of progressive people decided to pool their skills and knowledge for common goals and create a full-fledged company to achieve them. Developing solutions and implementing them brings excitement to us and satisfaction to our customers.

Masters of AMV Metal

AMV Metall has been operating since 2014 . Initially, we started with the production of machinery accessories, but soon we became more specialized in the production of metal building structures, which today employs almost 40 people in our company.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our production and its auxiliary activities more efficient through the implementation of modern technological and software solutions.

We also have a quality certificate CE mark EN-1090 , which ensures the standardization of our processes according to the requirements in the European Union.

We have grown strongly every year both in terms of employees and turnover. The turnover in 2021 was a record 4.5 million euros for us, and the production volume was approximately 1500 tons of metal elements.

We have produced steel structures for very versatile construction sites all over Estonia and also in the Nordic countries.

The main strength of AMV Metall is the fact that we are able to offer the customer a full service: design, preparation of working drawings of metal parts, sawing, drilling and welding of raw material, chipping of finished parts and then also finishing in the required environmental class. In addition, we have an installation team that, if necessary, also installs the manufactured metal structures.

Some of our notable works include:

  • Tower apartment building in Tallinn

  • Viljandi Window and Door logistics building

  • Zoo "Cloud Forest"

  • Tallinn City Theater

  • Maardu Prisma

  • Mustamäe Lidl

  • Rocca Towers

  • Kärdla Primary School

  • Luccaranna residential area

  • Line spacing Area Kopli

  • Kaselaane residential area Laagris

  • Võru and Paljassaare wastewater treatment plants

  • Balconies of several apartment buildings in Tallinn, Viljandi, Sindi


You can see a diverse cross-section of our work done in recent years HERE .

Our long-term cooperation partners:

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Media coverage

July 22, 2022

Business day

AMV Metall brauserile.png

"I can't say that it's a bad year or a bad year is ahead," said Madis Millistvere, a member of the board of AMV Metall, a manufacturer of metal constructions, in the morning program of Äripää radio. The suppliers who disappeared in the spring have been replaced by new ones, and in the long term, this decision made in the crisis is beneficial for the company.

What metal prices have done and what are the future prospects for the price and what prevents the company from growing faster, it becomes clear already from the interview.

November 17, 2020

Sakala newspaper

AMV Metall brauserile.png

Mulgimaa metal industry AMV Metall, whose craftsmen's handiwork can be found both on the eastern border of the European Union and in the world's luxury hotels, shut down its operations in Kamara village at the beginning of autumn and started production on Enterprise street in Karksi-Nuia.

"If before we operated between two buildings, one of which housed the welding hall and the other the paint room, in the new premises everything is compactly under one roof and this significantly increases efficiency and speed," said Andre Aavastik, a member of the board of the private company...

August 26, 2021

Sakala newspaper

AMV Metall brauserile.png

The company AMV Metall, operating in Karksi-Nuia, can be happy about the cooperation started with the private company Ehitus5ECO, which gives it the opportunity to get involved in the construction of significant objects in Estonia.

For example, work has already started on the renewal shed of the City Theater, where the Viljandimaa company is tasked with the production and delivery of metal parts. AMV Metall also manufactures and installs a metal frame in the "Cloud Forest" exhibition area of Tallinna Zoo.

June 13, 2019

Sakala newspaper

AMV Metall brauserile.png

The limited liability company AMV Metall started its operations six years ago. Currently, the company's annual turnover reaches several million euros, and in order to leave a symbolic mark on Estonia, it is preparing a new conductor's console for this year's general song festival in Tallinn's song square.

AMV Metall started in 2013 as it often happens: favorable circumstances, an idea and the right people came together. They started producing snow plows for tractors. "We had zero euros, but we finished one snowplow and I went to Maamess with it," recalls company board member Andre Aavastik. "We sold our first saws there." ...

August 12, 2021

Industry news

AMV Metall brauserile.png

At such moments, the company must have strong cooperation partners and customers and a sufficient financial buffer, AMV Metall OÜ board member Madis Millistvere describes one of the lessons of the corona crisis.

Madis Millistvere, a member of the board of metal industry AMV Metall, says in the latest annual report of the machinery and metal industry prepared by Äripää Infopank that the company is rather modest in its forecasts for this year, but at the same time the turnover number will rise above last year's result by the end of August and the production volumes have also increased. ...

June 12, 2019

Sakala newspaper

AMV Metall brauserile.png

Andre Aavastik, a member of the board of AMV Metall, a company operating in Kamara village near Abja, has written himself and the company into the history of song festivals, because under his leadership, a new conductor's desk was completed at the Tallinn song square.

In a month and a half, under the leadership of Aavastik, the metal structure of the most important conductor's console in Estonia was assembled, and in the new week it will travel to its destination, where the finishing works will begin. ...

AMV Metall logo.png

2, Karksi-Nuia, 69103 Viljandi county / +372 5304 7074

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